Virtual Tour-Tobacco Trail

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Man priming tobacco, ca. 1920. (North Carolina Collection)

This virtual tour combines maps, historic images, oral histories and sound recordings to illustrate the significance of tobacco in Durham history.

Preservation Durham partnered with UNC-CH Professor of American Studies Robert C. Allen and a class of graduate students to develop an online, virtual tobacco tour of Durham that anyone could take, at any time. “The online version of the tour complements, not supplants, our physical tour,” said Bob Ashley, executive director of Preservation Durham. “About 150 people attend a free tobacco tour each year, so the website will allow us to educate a far larger audience. It represents a strong marriage of cultural legacy and modern technology.”

Durham’s Tobacco Heritage Trail features historic maps of the area and multimedia features including transcripts of oral histories of tobacco workers, images of the tobacco factories, and recordings of blues songs enjoyed not only by tobacco workers in Durham but also by blues fans around the world.

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