Tobacco Heritage Tour Update

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Which sites are in, which is out, and which are newly added!

  • In: Liberty Warehouse will indeed be on the tour. We will not be able to go inside because of the building’s instability, but we will have one of the Rigsbee St doors open for folks to look inside.
  • Out: Chesterfield Building will not be available for the tour. The building’s rehabilitation is beginning, and it will be undergoing asbestos remediation. We are working on an online photo tour so that you’ll be able to see what you missed.
  • In: American Tobacco offices on tour will be the tech incubator American Underground, the Full Frame Theater space in the former Power Plant, and the event space in Bay 7.
  • In: Brame Warehouse has been added to the tour. Brame is the future location of a distillery – the latest venture from Tyler Huntington of Tyler’s Taproom. Construction will just be starting, so we’ll see the raw space and plans for the future.