Teardown Update

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2308 W. Club Boulevard Given 
365-Day Demolition Delay
2308 w club
On Tuesday, May 4th, Durham’s Historic Preservation Commission confirmed a 365-day delay for the demolition of the house at 2308 W. Club Boulevard, in the Watts Hillandale Historic District.  This is the maximum delay the commission can issue for a demolition project under current state law.
Thanks to all of the passionate community members who showed up to speak in solidarity against the demolition of this house.  
This proposed demolition definitely hit a nerve for Durham residents – over 18,000 people saw our Facebook post last week, which generated many pointed comments from residents concerned about the future character and integrity of our historic neighborhoods.
We will continue to work with the owners on other options for the property during this 365 day period, and will keep you up-to-date on our status.