Annual Neighborhood Walk | West End, East Campus & Beyond

Annual Neighborhood Walk with, “Street Historian” John Schelp

Sunday, March 28, 2021 @ 4:00pm
Join the Zoom Virtual Hike on March 28
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Meeting ID: 829 6994 1787
Passcode: history
Where was Wall Street? What’s a Pinhooker? How did the Washington Duke Cigar Stand end up in a federal trial? Where did Madonna take early dance lessons? Why is Walltown called Walltown? What highway was going to connect Duke Gardens and Oval Park? Which famous songwriter was born behind Monuts? Where was the West Durham airport? Why wasn’t Cameron Indoor Stadium built on Ninth Street? Where was Kevin Costner spotted in his boxer shorts, near East Campus? What’s buried under Duke Hospital? Why do neighborhoods change so quickly in Durham?
To know the history of West Durham is