Police Complex Site Plan Concepts

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If you have been following our discussion on the new Police Station Complex, please try to drop by the City’s information session this evening. This will likely be our last opportunity to persuade the Design Team to consider renovation of any of the existing buildings. 


We need as many people as possible to attend and speak with members of the design team, staff, administration, and any council members you see, asking them to:

  • Renovate and incorporate both pre-1950 structures in their entirety. We do not want facadism.
  • Locate multiple public uses, functions, and doorways on all street frontages of the project.
  • Include small commercial office & retail spaces on the street level wherever possible
  • Minimize the area used for parking.  Work with Durham County to build a shared structure next door.

This is a follow-up session to the April 16th Community Visioning Session where the City received input to learn what’s important to the community and what residents want to see in connection with the site and project. Residents will now have the opportunity to see how the design team is incorporating input into the preliminary concepts, and share their thoughts and ideas with the City and the design team.

Images of the site layout concepts will be available on the City’s project website TOMORROW and we will send out a separate follow up email with that link and out comments on the concepts.  The commenting period on these site plans will only last on week, so there is a limited time to respond.


We hope to see you at the Armory tonight.