Liberty Warehouse

Issue Background and Overview
Liberty Warehouse is the last remaining tobacco auction warehouse in Durham. Built in 1940, the structure was packed every summer and fall with farmers coming to sell their freshly harvested tobacco. Auctions were held there until 1984. In 2006, the building was purchased by Greenfire Development, and in 2010, the company had it designated as a local landmark. In 2011, a portion of the roof collapsed. The businesses inside were flooded, and the building was condemned. In May 2013, Greenfire petitioned city council to remove the landmark designation. Preservation Durham initially opposed the de-landmarking, but when it became apparent that city council was going to vote to remove the listing, PD entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the new developers, East-West Partners. The MOU allows PD to have input on the design process. In January 2014, PD and East-West Partners co-sponsored a meeting to present the site plan to the public.

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