Home Tour 2009: Morehead Hill

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Preservation Durham members and friends gathered on Saturday, May 2, 2009, for the 13th Annual Old Durham Tour of Morehead Hill. Read more about Morehead Hill on our Historic Neighborhoods pages! Homes on the tour covered a wide range of styles that are uniquely juxtaposed in Morehead Hill. From an 1890s Queen Anne to a 1950s stylish ranch, the neighborhood is full of interesting architecture and family histories. Tourgoers learned about the industrialists who built these lovely homes, the urban pioneers who preserved them, and the people who live here today, able to walk downtown for shopping and coffee, dinner, or a ball game. Tourgoers enjoy Preservation Durham’s annual tour at their own pace, exploring year by year the many neighborhoods that make Durham unique. Each building on the tour is staffed by friendly and well-informed docents to make the tour more interesting and enjoyable. Present your tourbook at the door and collect marks from all the houses you visit!