Historic Maplewood Cemetery Walk

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Historic Maplewood Cemetery Tour 

Corner of Kent St. & Morehead Ave

(Kent Street Entrance)

Celebrate Durham history with a real, live, guided tour of Durham’s famous Old Maplewood Cemetery. Preservation Durham tour guides will take small groups around the cemetery pausing here and there to tell stories of triumph and tragedy, joy and sorrow, wealth and poverty, lives long and short. Learn about funerary traditions and grave art and architecture. All this in what is perhaps Durham’s loveliest urban open space.

We offer continuous loop tours between 10 am and 4 pm on Saturday (4/23) and Sunday (4/24). This means that there is not a set start time for tours, you can arrive at your leisure and join whatever tour in progress that you would like! Once you’ve completed your loop, feel free to join another one! (Note: the final loops begin at 2:30 and will conclude at 4 pm)

Purchased tickets are good for BOTH days. 


Non-members: $15.06 (incl. fees & sales tax)

PD members: Free!

RSVP online at https://maplewoodcemeterywalks.eventbrite.com


|  Tour Loops are approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes| Look for the Preservation Durham Banner on Kent Street


Tour goers will learn about Durham history, Durham people of all walks of life, tombstones and grave architecture.


 Wear comfortable, sensible walking shoes and clothing.


There are no bathroom facilities.

Maplewood Cemetery is perhaps the only major place intimately involved with the City of Durham that has survived essentially intact from Durham’s earliest days to the present.

Maplewood was created as Durham’s very first public amenity. The cemetery is Durham’s very first public space and its very first planned space. It is a garden of memories and our oldest repository of public art. In Maplewood are buried captains of industry, famous educators, great philanthropists, and ordinary people. In the cemetery are reposed the origins of many Durham legends and icons. There are stories of war and disease and the struggle against both. There are stories of love and of prejudice, of triumph and tragedy. Learn about funerary customs and grave architecture. Enjoy the peace and solemnity of one of the city’s great historic treasures.