Places in Peril

Raising awareness to inspire action.

Preservation Durham introduced its inaugural Places in Peril list on March 31, 2010. A new list of Places in Peril will be chosen each year by public nomination and through Preservation Durham’s activities in the community. To be considered, a property must be culturally or historically significant; actively endangered; and able to benefit from increased public awareness of its perilous situation.

Preservation Durham has three goals for Places in Peril.

  • Raise community awareness about Durham’s architectural and cultural history
  • Galvanize the public to act to preserve historically and architecturally important properties
  • Raise awareness about Preservation Durham and its activities

Preservation Durham seeks the media’s assistance to help raise awareness of the threat to these historic properties and our ongoing effort to focus on the long-term preservation of Places in Peril. The program is also designed to remind people in our community that they can come to Preservation Durham for information and help in preserving threatened parts of Durham’s heritage.

We look forward to working with the community to preserve the indispensable elements of Durham’s heritage that are Places in Peril. Look here for updates on places listed in previous years. In the years ahead, this program will help the Durham community celebrate preservation accomplishments and inspire us all to continue this vital work in the future.