A Preservation Win! Until it Wasn’t…

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Fendol Bevers Farmhouse Saved 2015

The Fendol Bevers Farm, straddling Leesville Road near Briar Creek, is a remarkable early farmstead that dates to about 1850. Preservation Durham listed the property on our Places in Peril List in 2012.  Click here for more information on that listing.
The acreage surrounding the house was purchased by a suburban home developer in 2012.  In 2013, their permit process triggered Federal review of historic resources on the property.  This process identified the Fendol Bevers Farmstead as an historic resource, and Preservation Durham was included as a consulting party in the Federal Section 106 process.
As part of this process, Preservation Durham was given one year to find someone interested in acquiring, moving, and renovating the house.  
We had many folks who were interested, but were not able to finalize a deal with any of them.  Moving a house is an expensive undertaking, and the price rises significantly the farther it is moved.  Unfortunately, all land within a 1-mile radius of the existing house is tied up by suburban developers, and securing a piece of land for the house was impossible.
Just as all hope was lost, the owner of the property, Forever Home LLC, decided to include the house as a “feature” of their new development, to be maintained by the HOA. This is a solution we had suggested early in the process and we are happy that the house’s continued presence will provide a historic touchstone within the new development.
In 2017 the developers reconsidered their decision to preserve the historic home and demolished the building.