A Plea for Trees

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Contributed by PD Member, Carol Anderson

tree street

Photo courtesy of The News and Observer

Dear Friends

We did it! We made a huge impression on city council and the city manager about the horrific butchering of street trees by Duke Energy. We did by generating over a hundred letters and emails!
The issue is on the ‘radar’ and we need to keep it there.
When I asked a council member what we could do to make sure the city negotiates a reasonable trimming schedule they answered ‘personal contact with individual council members’.
That seems like a small task to preserve our trees!
Make a commitment to yourself right now to call just one council person. Call someone you don’t know well-they represent you and want and need to hear your views.
Salient points:
  • Duke Energy is in violation of a city ordinance (sec 26-231) and has been since 2005.
  • The ordinance requires the city manager to negotiate the terms with Duke Energy and the manager follows policy set by council.
  • Duke Energy arbitrarily moved to a seven year trimming cycle saying it was economically beneficial to them to trim less frequently.
  • Ask your council person to support a return to a 2-3 year trim by Duke Energy. This is beneficial to Durham.
Speak from your heart about the destruction of our beautiful tree canopy and the negative environmental impacts-you can point to the impact this will have.
The trees in front of your home may be compromised but it is not too late for other areas of Durham. This is a legacy we can leave for the future.