Historic Maplewood Cemetery Tour | 2020

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When: Postponed. Please stay tuned.
Saturday and Sunday, April 4 & 5, 2020 – 12pm to 4pm
Where: The Historic Section of Maplewood Cemetery – 815 Kent Street, Durham
Online Admission Price: $12.09/person (includes fees + sales tax)
“Day of-At Door” Cash Admission Price: $10.75/person (includes sales tax)
Arrival: Join a tour loop in progress by 3pm. If you come early you can join more than one loop for the price of one!
Recommended Attire: Wear sensible walking shoes and, if it is sunny, wear sunscreen.
Facilities: We will provide water, but there are no bathroom facilities.

Join us for our Historic Maplewood Cemetery Tour where Durham’s early history lingers. This cemetery is a museum of architecture, culture, and art. It is a garden of memories and an eternal city of stone. At every turn, there are rich stories of the triumphal rise and slow decline of great fortunes. Inspiring stories of philanthropy, industry, justice, and progress. Stories of tender love and bitter prejudice. Stories of irony, comedy, and tragedy. Tour-goers will learn about the social history of death as we point out the fine points of tombstone and monument making and symbols in stone of faith, grief, and memory. It’s all here at the historic Maplewood Cemetery.

Our tour is divided into two parts – one on the east side of Kent Street and the other on the west. The tours operate in a continuous loop where you can join either part where you find it and follow it around. Your ticket is good for both Saturday and Sunday!