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Preservation For All: My Recent Trip to Cleveland

April 18, 2016

This April, I was fortunate to travel to Cleveland, in order to shadow the Cleveland Restoration Society, and get an understanding of how they have grown the organization, and created the innovative Heritage Home Program.

Since starting as Executive Director of Cleveland Restoration Society nearly thirty years ago, Kathleen Crowther has grown the organization from one staff to a 10-plus permanent staff organization, with a rotating host of Trustees and other volunteers doing work throughout the year. The driving factor for much of this growth, was the establishment of the incredibly Continue reading

Jenny’s Home

April 7, 2016

What's it like to rehab your own historic house?

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The Soul of Durham

February 22, 2016

I came to historic preservation in a round about way. I started my professional life as an archaeologist. I love a good puzzle, and the challenge of figuring out a long ago community from what remains in the ground was a great one. What I learned from that work was that the material we found revealed the community's collective choices and values, not just their art, houses, or public spaces, but even the trash spoke to what they valued, and what they did not.

After a while, I got to wondering Continue reading

Home Tour 2016: Bull City Bungalow Days

February 22, 2016
Bull City Bungalow Days was a huge success!

Over 500 people turned out in beautiful weather to tour ten amazing bungalows in neighborhoods across Durham. Many thanks to our hard working planning committee, dedicated volunteers and generous homeowners!

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“Discovering” Place

January 21, 2016

Cynthia de Miranda, MdM Historical Consultants

Hello, fellow historic architecture enthusiasts! I joined the Board of Preservation Durham in the summer of 2015 after several years of active membership. I am a Raleigh native who proudly calls Durham home; I have lived in our Bull City for fifteen years since returning to North Carolina. I love the appreciation Durhamites have for old houses and for downtown’s historic core.

Architecture is my bread and butter. I am an architectural historian and cofounder of MdM Historical Consultants, a cultural resources firm that specializes Continue reading

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Hello, we are Preservation Durham

Preservation Durham is made up of folks who believe that place is important and that our past helps to shape our future. We want Durham to embrace growth and change but also to protect its sense of place – its unique identity in the Triangle – and to remain open and available to all in our community. Everyone’s story has a place.

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