Advocacy Issue: Proposed intensive development on empty land adjacent to Greystone, the 1911 Stagg family mansion and one of the few remaining grand houses of […]


Advocacy Issue: City Center is a proposed 26-story tower to be located at the corner of Main, Corcoran and Parrish Streets. This project significantly impacts […]

City Center

Awards Presentation Thursday, October 23, 2014 6:00 pm The Cookery, 1101 West Chapel Hill Street, Durham [tabs] [tab title=”Pyne Preservation Awards”] GEORGE & MARY PYNE […]

Awards 2014

S. Gregson Street Corridor Why it’s important: Initially nominated to Places in Peril in 2011, the nine parcels along the South Gregson Street corridor between […]

Places In Peril 2014

Streetscapes Why they’re important: One of the most distinctive features of Durham’s historic residential neighborhoods is also one of the most overlooked historic resources: the […]

Places in Peril 2014: Streetscapes